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Staying at Tri: a sustainable jungle hideout

In the thick Sri Lankan jungle, perched on the shores of the salty Koggala Lake, rises a unique property called Tri.

Tri is the first sustainable luxury hotel in Sri Lanka, built following Rob and Lara Drummond philosophy of marrying design with nature. Offering an exclusive experience in one of Sri Lanka’s most beautiful settings. The hotel is built following nature’s mathematical perfection, in a spiral which starts from the water tower, home to three rooms and a spectacular view over the lake.


The rest of the rooms are arranged facing the water and built using 100% locally sourced materials. They feature living walls, green roofs, solar arrays and edible gardens.

The main house is where the magic happens and we honestly never wanted to leave the pool, with its infinity views over the still water of the lake and the jungle.


At Tri, you feel completely immersed and perfectly set in harmony with the surroundings. It feels as if the hotel, and you by extension, are just another natural creation. Which is how we believe tourism should be approached. Adding and working with nature, not detracting from it. Bamboo is used to make straws, water is provided in glass bottles and locally sourced ingredients are used to make delicious dishes. As they rightly say on their website‘ecotourism has never been so inspiring’.


During our stay at Tri, we watched the sunrise while taking a dip in the infinity pool and enjoyed honey coloured sunsets while sipping on cocktails. We took a boat ride to Cinnamon Island and learned how cinnamon is grown and harvested while tasting some freshly made cinnamon tea, kindly offered to us by one of the five local families living on the island.


On the last day, we spent the morning cycling around the lake accompanied by Oliver, GM of the hotel, who shared with us his never ending knowledge about nature, wildlife and Sri Lanka.


The hotel offers a wide list of activities for guests to choose from, including massages and spa treatment, boat rides, cooking classes and more. Tri co-founder Lara Drummond has created a space where the discipline of Quantum Yoga, is taught at the resort in the form of group classes or private tuitions.

Tri Lanka has many a palm
Tri Lanka has many a palm
Tri Lanka sunrises over the pool
Tri Lanka sunrises over the pool
Beautiful water tower building
Beautiful water tower building

Food was definitely one the highlights of our stay at Tri. We spent most of the day dreaming about what the next dinner will be, another exciting journey through Sri Lankan cuisine.


Chef Neil Wager crafts masterpieces of delight using only locally produced ingredients, representing Sri Lankan cuisine is a contemporary light. Our favourite meal had to be the curry, with its rich flavours and unique tastes. Served as per Sri Lankan tradition; rice accompanied by a wide selection of curries prepared using local vegetables, spices, fruits and fish or meat. The tastes, consistencies and sensations at every bite are a real delight for all senses.


As it often happens, what made our stay truly unforgettable was the staff. Attentive, friendly and always available to take care of any of our needs with a genuine smile, including setting up an exclusive breakfast at sunrise by the lake.

Staying at Tri feels like taking a big breath of fresh air, which refreshes your senses and invigorates your body and mind.