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Traveling by bus in Chile

Before coming to Chile we spent hours online to try to understand how was the best way to move around and found that the country basically runs on buses. Unfortunately through there are not many accessible information on how to buy tickets and take buses in Chile, or they are not simple. The good news is that once we arrived we realized it’s actually much simple than predicted and here you can read all the key information on traveling by bus in Chile!

Traveling By Bus In Chile

Buses in Chile

The best way to move from one city to another is with a coach bus. We know that the first image that comes to mind when saying bus is a rickety vehicle with very little comfort, but you will be pleasantly surprised. Coach buses in Chile are spacious, with air conditioning, soft chairs, tv and a bathroom. Across the different companies we used, the two best ones are Tour Bus and Pullman, but overall most companies have really good quality buses.

When taking night buses for long routes you can choose between two types of sits, ‘cama’ and ‘semi-cama’, where the first one is a full laying down bed and the second one is a reclinable chair with a support of the legs.

Traveling by bus in Chile

Buying tickets

Given the really high number of buses available throughout the day, everyday of the week, there is no need of booking with big advance or pre-booking before leaving for Chile. The main companies such a Tour Bus have the possibility to book online, with an impeccable experience. Otherwise you can just visit the bus station once in the city you are visiting a buy the ticket at the counter.

For some ideas of the prices, a trip for one person from Santiago to Valparaiso (four and a half hours) is 3,000 pesos and from Valparaiso to La Serena (seven hours) is 7,000 pesos (both day buses).

If you have any additional doubt or question just leave a comment below!

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