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The Best Travel Photography Packing List

Choosing what to pack in your camera bag can be quite the difficult task as you want to take everything you need but at the same time you don’t want a camera bag that weights you down. We have put together for you the best travel photography packing list based on our own personal experience!


Our camera bag is a Manfrotto DSLR camera bag with some key features that we find super useful:

  • Ideal for Mirrorless camera, lenses and accessories

  • It has special side pockets for the tripod

  • Features a big padded laptop compartment that fits 2 laptops

  • Can be transformed into an everyday backpack and it’s quite beautiful/rugged too

  • Also capable of holding a drone fly more kit (we have DJI Spark)

  • Has a hidden waterproof pocket

  • Most zips are semi-hidden and multiple pockets my pickpocketing difficult

We find this bag to be very comfortable and compact, while still having all the space needed to carry 2 mirrorless cameras, 2 lenses, a DJI Spark in its original carry case and fly more kit, a whole bunch of accessories, 2 hard drives, a power bank, plug converters, charging equipment and our laptops. I can recommend this bag enough.

The Best Travel Photography Packing List Manfrotto Camera bag


As we are backpacking, we can only carry one bag which needs to fit both our camera, laptops and all other equipments, that’s why you will find there might be extra elements compared to your bag. If you can split the equipment in two bags that would definitely be recommended, certainly for your back!

Our camera bag holds:

Few tricks we learned:

  • Use and organiser like this one to collect all your cables. It’s a real lifesaver in terms of keeping the cables in order and saving space.

  • Carry a power cube to be able to charge several electronics from one plug only.

  • Make sure you don't take too many cables, some chargers use the same cables, just take one.

  • Buy a charger which can charge more than one battery at a time.

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