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Sustainability Talks with Carmen Huter

We are back with the third edition of our Sustainability Talks where we interview travellers and creators who inspire us daily.

Today we share with you our chat with Carmen Huter (@carmenhuter), one of our favourite travel photographers. Carmen photography has the power to transport you to the most remote and dazzling places, where she captures the beauty of the natural world with her own, unique style.

To create more than to consume are the words she lives by. Read along to see her perspective on sustainability and sustainable traveling!

When did you realise sustainability was a topic you cared about and decided to adopt a specific lifestyle?

Four years ago, I became very ill and decided to follow a plant-based diet. Not only did it make me feel a lot better physically, I also became more aware about all things climate change and sustainability. After watching The True Cost, Cowspiracy and the likes there was no holding back. Of course, travelling and understanding the importance of preserving and caring for Mother Nature has on not just ourselves, but much more importantly those depending on, for instance, clean water as a matter of survival, really challenged to learn and do more.

Can you share one story of sustainability that has recently made you happy and one that made your sad.

I am happy every day when I open my emails or Instagram messages and read about someone from my audience changing their behaviour towards a greener future and a lower carbon footprint.

I try not to feel upset about other people's actions, but what does get to me is individuals with influence preaching one thing and doing another.

Which is the one behaviour that you have changed in your day to day that had the most significant impact on living more sustainably?

Enjoying a plant-based diet.

What are your top 3 tips for being more sustainable while travelling?

Always select to offset carbon option when travelling by aeroplane.

Carry your own water bottle (if needed with a purifier) as well as bamboo or steel cutlery.

Use natural skin care products, ideally plastic free ones such as solid shampoo bars.

Which is the one thing/object you have with you in all your travels that helps to be more sustainable?

My water bottle.

More about Carmen

Far far away from her familiar Austrian home, the land of the long white cloud, New Zealand, inspired Carmen to chase mountain peaks and sun rays.

Fast forward to three years later, leaping from corporate to creative, Carmen decided to step into the unknown and follow the urge to pursue photography. A loyal following of 100k+ on social media, several National Geographic online features, many trusted brand partnerships [i.e. Volkswagen, Air New Zealand], photo exhibitions and more than two dozen countries later, the once unknown has morphed itself into a beautiful, messy reality the photographer is eager to share with you.



See you next week for another inspiring interview!



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