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Staying at Sebatu Sanctuary Eco-Resort in Bali

There is no more fitting name to describe this property than ‘sanctuary’. Sebatu Sanctuary is a place where peace and tranquility reign and respect for the environment is a driving force, a commitment which is so valuable on this island. With their goal being “to build and operate an eco-resort that provides a tranquil haven both for our guests and Bali’s wildlife, offering incomparable back-to-nature experiences while minimising our environmental impacts", Sebatu Sanctuary is a place where you are able to fully disconnect in order to re-connect with yourself and nature.

Something we loved about Sebatu Sanctuary was its unique design. Inspired by a fascination for the golden age of exploration (the 1450s to 1850s), the owner designed the resort using a theme that merges African Safari with Indonesia heritage. Beautifully designed, luxury safari tents let you live a really unique experience of feeling immersed in the jungle while on an adventure and original Javanese joglos take you back in time. The resort features a stunning view over the jungle and rice fields with a unique chemical-free natural pool, with more than 300 fish, the only one of its kind on the Island of Gods.

Staying at Sebatu Sanctuary Eco-Resort in Bali

What made this resort even more special is their commitment to sustainability. Being able to provide a luxury experience, with all comforts, while respecting the environment is a commendable task. Their key areas of focus are: a) Reduce, by at least half, their electricity usage and water consumption, b) Treat their wastewater using natural ecological processes to ensure there are no adverse effects to downstream communities and wildlife, c) Eliminate as much single-use plastic as possible, with a few examples being our use of paper straws for juices and glass water bottles in the rooms and restaurant and also our complimentery bamboo toothbrushes. A dedication to the island and its community that elevate the value of your stay beyond measure.

The resort is located in an untouched part of Bali and at the heart of its cultural centre, roughly half an hour drive from Ubud. Arriving at Sebatu you will drive through lush green jungle and photogenic rice fields dotted with local villages where life moves slowly. Its location makes discovering the area very easy with a scooter or using one of their in-house bicycles. During our stay with visited I Made Ada Gallery, Indonesia’s most famous woodcarver. His gallery has an impressive showcase of intricate and wonderful wooden statues, doors and smaller pieces. Fun fact: his finely detailed wood carvings have been given to both Presidents Clinton and Obama when they visited Indonesia.

At walking distance from Sebatu Sanctuary is Gunung Kawi Sebatu, a wonderful temple dating back to the 1,000 AD, with water pools and green gardens. Easy to reach is also Melukat Waterfall, a small waterfall in Sebatu village, where locals come for purification ceremonies as its water is believed to have healing properties.

The resort also offers several activities that can be booked, including a lovely picnic set in a secluded riverside area, that makes it for the perfect romantic date and morning yoga classes to start the day right. The restaurant on the property is open from breakfast to dinner, which can be enjoyed in the lovely patio under the starry sky.

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