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Staying at Desa Visesa, Ubud, Bali

Deep in the lush jungle of Ubud, the spiritual center of Bali, the majestic Desa Visesa complex spreads across 6.5 hectares of land. A village within a village, where you step back in time a connect with Balinese culture and yourself.

Desa Visesa was built with the aim of creating a place where travellers can immerse themselves in Balinese culture, learn its traditions and practices and benefit from its centenaries rituals. As a guest you are spoilt with choices: three restaurants, a spa, several pools, permaculture gardens walks, hot air balloon rides. You will hardly have to leave to try something new!

40 spacious villas are nestled in between rice fields and lush jungle, giving a sense of disconnection from the surroundings. One of the peculiarity of the resort is its permaculture garden, where all sorts of plants, flowers, vegetables and fruits grow happily under the scorching Bali sunlight. Nature is lush and abundant and its fruits are using across Desa Visesa’s restaurants, which also boast one of the best fine dining restaurant in Ubud, Padi Vegetarian Fine Dining and a D Kampound Warung, located by the gardens.

Guests can walk among the gardens and organised activities for kids are available during the day, where kids can play and learn about nature.

On our first day, while we were strolling casually among the gardens, enjoying the peace and the twilight when we noticed something peculiar taking place on a patch of grass. A hot air balloon, coloured like a rainbow, was being assembled, ready to lift up in the air against the sunset. It was a magical sight, something we never expected to see in Bali.

After few minutes of preparation, the crowd was called to make its way into the ‘basket’ at the bottom of the ballon and warm air was pumped into its belly, inflating it and pushing it towards the sky. We remained watching this vision with eyes full of wanderlust.

A visit to Ubud would not be complete without a visit to the spa and our time at Desa Visesa’s Healing Spa was an exceptional one. Our Holistic Healing Experience started with a cup of green goodness sipped while comfortably overlooking the green rice terraces. The first part of our session involved a meeting with a local healer, which was in part consultation, in part blessing. The local healer draws power from nature and spirits and creates medicine from holy water, flowers and plants which then uses to bless you and bring physical and mental benefits to each person. During our consultation, the healer was able to understand which were both our main physical problems (back and stomach aches) by simply ‘listening’ to our wrists with his thumbs. It was a quite astonishing!

The next part of the experience saw us enjoying a one hour full body balinese massage, with delicious smelling oils, in a room opening on the jungle. We both zones off listening to the sound of nature, while expert hands released all tension from our muscles.

To finish off, a flower bath was prepared for us in the open bathroom at the back of the room. It was our first flower bath experience and really enjoyed it. The beautiful colours of the flowers mixed with their subtle sweet scent takes relaxation to a whole other level. To conclude our wonderful morning we were served a hot ginger tea, with cinnamon and other spices.

A stay at Desa Visesa it the perfect initiation to the beauty, peace and traditions of Ubud.

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