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As travellers, we are part of one of the biggest industries in the world which, like every industry, has positive and negative impacts on nature, communities and sustainability in general. Our decisions matter, from which hotel or hostel we choose to stay in, to the type of transport or meal we fancy that day. In a report released by Booking.com this year, they reported that the ‘green travel trend’ continues to gain momentum with a large majority of American travelers (78%) stating that they want to travel sustainably, and almost four in 10 (35%) confirming that they often or always manage to do so. However, 43% indicate they never, rarely or only sometimes manage to travel sustainably. To us this means that more and more people want to make the right choices when travelling and they actively want to support the eco-travel industry, which is a really great news!

What matters to us, is the type of places we promote, discuss and suggest through this platform. One of the primary reasons we started Travel Leap is to promote a way of travelling that can be defined as responsible and sustainable.

In the past couple of months, travelling through South America, we realized that finding organisations that can be defined as ‘eco-tourism’ is not as easy as we expected. The information lacked and most places don’t necessarily advertise their approach to sustainability. This is why our ‘sustainability icon’ was born, with the idea to help other travellers find the right hostels, hotels, restaurants and so on which promote the kind of tourism that we all want to support.

We have personally been to and visited all the places we talk about on www.travelleap.co and we assign the little green leaf to those which had any type of effort put in place with regards to sustainability. It could be recycling, solar power, supporting local communities, farming with local farmers or anything to create a more sustainable world and environment. We will give more information regarding each of them in our articles, in order to help all travellers make the most informed choices.

We are real believers in the power of our daily choices, even the smallest action can make a big difference if we are all working together.



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