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Nine Arch Bridge In Ella - Best Photography Spots

Our best tips on the best spots from where to photograph the Nine Arch bridge in Ella.

If you share with us a passion for trains, bridges and the forest, you will find useful this list of the best spots to photograph the Nine Arch Bridge in Ella.

The bridge is pretty much photogenic from every angle, but during our visit we found few spots that seemed to highlight the structure and the forest surrounding it in the best way.

Nine Arch Bridge Ella

From below: in between the tea bushes

One of the most used angle to photograph the Nine Arch Bridge is from below, showcasing the arches and the forest underneath the bridge. To reach this spot you will need to walk in between the tea bushes that can be found at the begging of the train track, on the right side, keeping the hills on your left side. You can walk freely in between the tea plants, to test out different angles. We found this spot perfect to showcase the size of the bridge and the arches, while introducing a subject in between the vegetation.

From this perspective, you can also take a shot of a subject sitting or standing right in the middle of the bridge, on the edge. You just need to find someone brave enough do it!

Nine Arch Bridge Ella with train

From above: on the side of the hill

To take the best photographs of the train passing by, our favourite location was on top of the hill, on the right side. Opposite to the little cafe that can be found just before the tunnel, there is a path that takes you up the hill. Going up, you will find a spot in between some small tea bushes from where you can see the bridge perfectly, with no tree obstructing the view. From this spot, you will see the train arrive from the right side, perfect to take a shot of the front of the train. We found this spot to work well at sunset, as the sun sets behind you and the hill.

Nine Arch Bridge Ella Sri Lanka

These were our two favourite spots and the ones we used for the majority of our photos of the Nine Arch Bridge. If you wish, you will be able to photograph the train tracks from the center or take any other shot while walking on the tracks, as there is no restriction against it. Just watch out for the train!

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