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Why It is Worth Spending A Night On Isla Del Sol

Spending a night in Isla del Sol will be one of our best thing you will do in Bolivia.

We almost did not spend a night on the island, but thankfully a friend recommended to do so and let me tell you, we would have made a big mistake! You might think that you have seen Lake Titicaca by visiting Copacabana (on the Bolivian side) or Puno (on the Peruvian side) but nothing compares to the view and experience you will have by spending a night on Isla del Sol.

We took the morning boat and arrived at the island after a scenic hour and a half cruise on the lake. On our way to our wonderful Hostal Templo del Sol perched on top of the hill, we slowly climbed all the way up. Once at the top we caught a glimpse of the beauty that has made Isla del Sol as famous as it is. The island is made of hills, and at the time of writing only the southern part is accessible, as the community in the north side has closed access due to some dispute. The southern side has open views on the mainland, Isla de la Luna and the a bay, behind which the sun sets.

We had a snack at Pacha Mama restaurant and lounged around for the lazy afternoon enjoying the beautiful stillness of the water in front of us, deep blue in colour and mood. The calm of the water, the vibrant colours and the absolute peace have the same effect as meditation, bringing a wonderful sense of contempt. Later on, we hiked to the Temple of the Sun, on the southernmost point of the island, where ruins of what was once a sun worshiping temple now lay undisturbed in between the grass.

When the day visitors leave, the best time arrives for the few that are left behind on the island. We reached the top of the hill that overlooks the bay and watched the sun slowly dip behind the mountains, exploding into a mix of oranges and pinks. It felt like the longest sunset we’ve ever watched, the colours spilling all over the horizon, on the water and onto our skin. A private show, a moment of serendipity.

The orange lingered in the sky long after the blues rolled in, so that when the first stars came out the color of the sun was still fading away. We had a candle lit dinner at a little restaurant called Las Velas, run by the cutest old Bolivian couple, who prepared every dish with time and care (seriously, don't go if you're in a rush). At night the silence of the island embraces you like a blanket, nothing moves, no sound or light pollution, just your dreams, pure and simple.

The morning awaited us crisp and clean, with a view of the lake for breakfast. Back on the boat to the mainland with memories that will last a lifetime.

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