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Our Top 7 Tips To Grow On Instagram

We have distilled all our best tips on to grow on Instagram in our top 7 suggestions. Read along!

Since the new algorithm arrived, growing on Instagram is not all about posting often or using hashtags. Instagram now rewards users that receive high engagement and will only show your photos to users that seriously engage with you.

'How do you grow on Instagram?' This is is the million dollar question. The question we all ask ourselves often (maybe too often?) and that creates a certain amount of headaches. Obviously the number of followers is not all that matters and it definitely depends what your primary objective is with this platform, but given the effort that as creators we put on this platform, growth is also a type of reward that we can’t deny.

We are no experts, but with ten years of background in marketing and advertising, and having recently started investing time and efforts to grow on this platform while traveling full time, we have learned a couple of things which we would like to share as our very humble advice.

1. Only your best photos

To only post the photos you are 120% happy with, is something we learned very quickly. As you might have already heard, the number one reason people will follow you and stick with your feed is because you create outstanding content. In a platform made of 800 million users and very talented creators, mediocracy does not stand out. Therefore our number one advice is to invest time and effort in what you create. Learn how to use Lightroom and think of every image you are posting as your masterpiece.

2. Post as often as possible

Not everyone agrees on this, but from our personal experience we have seen that if we don’t post, we don’t grow. With every post and every hashtag you use you have a possibility to reach someone new. Moreover, Instagram fundamentally wants you to spend time on the app and will reward the accounts that do so. We have noticed that, in our case, the best posting schedule is once a day, no less, no more. The days we don’t post we grow roughly half the amount than the other days and if we post twice a day we don’t have high engagement on both pictures (and therefore also less reach).

3. Dedicate time to engage

Unfortunately, in the beginning, the time you spend on the platform is critical. Once you post, the first twenty minutes are key to ensure the post will have good engagement and tell the Instagram algorithm that it is worth sharing the image with your entire audience (and not just 10% of it) or even go on the Explore page. We try to engage for one hour after we post a photo and the times we don’t there are definitely less chances for even a great photo to perform well.

4. Reach out and make yourself seen

Instagram is definitely more than just a collection of beautiful images, it is a community. A community that works on collective support and engagement. One of the things we’ve done when we started @travel_leap was to spend time engaging, commenting and supporting other creators in our niche. We worked relentlessly to create a network of people who we admired and who would support us too. We made sure to be seen and to create genuine connections. Without the support of other creators you might still grow, but it will definitely be a slower growth and less fun too.

5. Walk the talk

This point is pretty straight forward, if you want to be a travel influencers, you need to travel. One of the reason is obviously that people will engage more and follow you consistently if you are sharing content that is inspiring, interesting and fresh. They will support your adventures and be curious on where you are going next. It also adds to your credibility. On a more practical note, you will be able to use new hashtags often and tag different accounts, therefore always having new chances to be featured and exposed to a new audience.

6. Get featured

Due to the algorithm it is very difficult for new audience to be exposed to your content. Getting on the explore page is also always a gamble. One of the best ways to reach new people is to get featured by big accounts. We know this is easier said than done, but make sure to use the right hashtags and to tag them on your photo. Getting a feature also tells the algorithm that your account is ‘worthy’ and improves your engagement.

7. Be unique

This is the last point but in our opinion the most important. There is no doubt that Instagram is an oversaturated platform, where the latest tendency is to replicate similar photos in the exact same locations. This tactic might work for a while, but it will most definitely become redundant and boring very quickly. Don’t be afraid of original ideas, your ideas are worthy, they are new, fresh and most importantly they are yours. The world needs your creativity, don’t let it be washed away in a sea of conformism.

We hope these tips were interesting and sparked a thought, maybe gave you a new perspective on how to approach Instagram.

If you have any question please do reach out and never forget one last important thing, Instagram, like every social media, should be a place for you to express your creativity in an healthy, fun and enjoyable way. Never let it become a place that triggers negative energy, it's truly not worth it!



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