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How To Get From Ella to Arugam Bay By Bus

All the info you need to get from Ella to Arugam Bay by bus.

It sounds almost impossible but there is no direct bus going from Ella to Arugam Bay, which is a very utilised route. During your Sri Lanka travels you will definitely want to visit both of these locations. Ella, the lovely hilltop town, home of the famous Nine Arches bridge and Arugam Bay, the surfers paradise on the South coast.

How to get from Ella to Arugam Bay by bus

The distance between the two towns is less than you would imagine, as by car it would take you roughly three hours to get from North to South. Unfortunately given the lack of a direct route, by bus it will take longer, but we found a way that involves only two buses instead of three.

Read below all the key informations on how to get from Ella to Arugam Bay by bus!

Bus stop:

The bus stop is located just down the road from the Curd Shop and the Tourist information center. You will see several people waiting for the bus so you can’t miss it.

Bus number:

The first bus to take is the one with direction Siyambalanduwa.

Once you get off at Siyambalanduwa, wait for the second bus with director Arugam Bay.


The first route takes about 3 hours

The second leg roughly 1 hour.

Departure time:

From Ella the first bus leaves at 7.45am. From Siyambalanduwa the second bus leaves at 11.30.

Both buses were on time.


During the journey from Ella to Siyambalanduwa the bus may stop one time for a toilet or snack stop.


Ella to Siyambalanduwa: 200 LKR p/p (roughly XX euros)

Siyambalanduwa to Arugam Bay: 85 LKR p/p (roughly XX euros)


Both buses were extremely full so you might not be able to sit. Make sure to bring water and snacks with you and always toilet paper.

Photo by Najl Musthafa on Unsplash

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