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How To Get From Colombo To Trincomalee By Bus

All the info you need to get from Colombo to Trincomalee by bus.

Most people will hire a car with or without a driver to move around Sri Lanka, or use tuck tucks also for longer distances. If you are like us though, and you are looking to keep the costs down, taking the public bus will be your best option. Might not be the most comfortable one, but it is most definitely the cheapest!

Just to prepare you, please be aware that the buses lack in comfort. There is no air condition or bathroom and they are often very crowded, but they will take you where you have to go. The information on bus routes are quite scare, that’s why we decided to put together several short articles with our first hand experience to make your life easier.

How To Get From Colombo To Trincomalee By Bus

The journey from Colombo to Trincomalee is a very long one, crossing basically the whole country from west to est. Here the key information on how to get from Colombo to Trincomalee by bus.

Bus stop:

Take a tuck tuck to Bastian Mawatha Bus Station. The bus to Trinco leaves from one of the first , which you can recognize from the sign at the top.

Bus number: 49

Duration: 7 to 8 hours

Departure time: Every hour


The bus stops several times during the 7 hours. After roughly 4 to 5 hours the bus stops a bit longer for you to use the toilet or buy some snacks.

Cost: 550 LKR p/p (roughly 3 euros)


The bus gets pretty full throughout the day and since is very hot we recommend to seat close to the windows. Bring some snacks and plenty of water.

Photo by Najl Musthafa on Unsplash

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