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Day Trip To The Dunas De Concon From Valparaiso

Just forty minutes from Valparaiso the landscape changes dramatically, the colorful houses give space to classy skyscrapers and the rocky seafront becomes soft golden sand dunes.

A day trip to the Dunas de Concon it’s the perfect half day activity from Valparaiso and definitely one of the best ways to enjoy the sunset.

Arriving to the dunes is very easy. From Valparaiso you can just check a local bus, the 607 or 609 leave from Valparaiso Boulevard de La Libertad and get off directly at the stop called Dunas. The ticket is just 400 chilean pesos.

The dunas are a protected area of 12 hectares, 30 meters above the sea level. From the top of the dunes you get a 360 degrees with of the area, from the pacific ocean on one side to the residential buildings behind it.

The dunes are also the perfect spot where to practice sand board. We recommend the agency Sandboarding.cl, they offer sand board trips, renting the board at 1.000 chilean pesos per hour.

We loved watching the sun disappear in the ocean while sitting on the soft sand, removed from all the noise of the city. Just the wind to clear our thoughts.

Asja & JP

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