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Our 5 favourite places in Chile

Read along to find out our 5 favourite places in Chile. A country that fascinated us with its immense landscapes and untouched nature.

From desert landscapes to green valleys, impressive sculptures and natural wonders, Chile will leave you speechless more than once. We get asked often if it is worth visiting Chile and we always answer yes! It might be slightly more expensive than other South America countries but it is also unique in its natural beauty.

Here our personal ranking of the must-see places in Chile that you definitely don’t want to miss!

Our 5 favourite places in Chile Vicuna

1. Vicuna

Fall in love with the Valle del Elqui while staying in Vicuna, a little town at the center of this magic region. Spend your days cycling through the valley and your nights stargazing in one of the world’s best astronomical observatories.

Our 5 favourite places in Chile Valle del La Luna

2. Valle de La Luna

A landscape that looks like the moon, a mix of sand dunes, salt rocks, mountains and volcanoes in the shades of pink, beige and browns. The sun is unforgiving during the day but the moment it starts setting it will gift you with the most mesmerizing spectacle. To date of the best sunsets we have ever seen. Otherworldly and unforgettable.

Our 5 favourite places in Chile Gayser El Tatio

3. Geyser el Tatio

Marvel at these majestic explosions of steam coming out of the heart while the sunrise. Driving back to San Pedro you will see some of the most beautiful landscapes in the entire country, from green hills and canyons to the highest mountain peaks.

Our 5 favourite places in Chile Valparaiso

4. Valparaiso

Colorful, artistic, bizarre, charming. Valparaiso is an open-air museum where every wall is a canvas for artistic expression. Home to one of Chile’s best and most loved artist, Pablo Neruda, this city will wake up the wonder in you.

Our 5 favourite places in Chile Mano del Desierto

5. Mano del Desierto

There are not many places in the world where you can see an 11 meters tall hand emerging from the earth. One of these places is at seventy-five kilometers from the city of Antofagasta, where artist Mario Irarrazabal has delighted the world with one of his sculptures.

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