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Our 4 Favourite Places In Bolivia

Our 4 favourite places in Bolivia, to show you the beauty of a country which stole our hearts. Bolivia was a complete surprise, a country that impressed us immensely with its raw beauty and authentic culture.

1. Salar de Uyuni

One of the most astonishing, dazzling and unique landscapes your eyes will ever lie upon. Kilometers and kilometers of pure white salt, that crack under your shoes and the blazing sun. In the middle an island made of cactus that resembles a Dali painting.

When the sun reflects its colours on the water, the spectacle is one in a million.

Favourite Places In Bolivia Salar de Uyuni

2 . Isla del Sol

A tiny island in the middle of a big lake, where the sun sets gifting visitors with the most unforgettable sunsets. Where few, welcoming people live very similarly to how they lived centuries ago, a simple life connected to the earth and the elements. Where the silence is rich with the sound of beauty.

Favourite Places In Bolivia Isla Del Sol

3. Lake Titicaca

A Lake that offers so much beauty from every angle you look at it. From the shores of Copacabana, to the quiet Isla del Sol, to the floating islands of Urus where a civilization lives in houses made of reeds.

Favourite Places In Bolivia Copacabana

4. La Paz

Chaotic, hilly, authentic, intoxicating. La Paz is a concentrated of Bolivian madness, rough around the edges, beautiful in its realistic representation of the country. In La Paz you will find the business centre of Bolivia, where modernity and tradition coexist next to each other. Modern cafes and open air markets were everything is sold on the streets; business men and 'cholitas' in their traditionals clothes and braids. La Paz also offers some of the best culinary experiences in the country.

Favourite Places In Bolivia Lake Titicaca

Bolivia is a very underrated country which we recommend anyone to discover!

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