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5 hotels with the best pools in Bali

Bali, the paradise island that steals hearts thanks to its raw beauty and unique, cool vibe. Aside from its mesmerising nature, Bali is packed with incredible hotels and resorts, oasis of peace and beauty scattered around the island. During our stay on the island, we have explored some of these properties and enjoyed their impeccable Balinese service. During our explorations, we have noticed a pattern. All the most beautiful hotels feature incredible pools. We are talking about infinity pools over the jungle or cliffside pools overlooking the ocean. Pools that make you wish you lived there and could forever wake up to views like that. Pools that are so photogenic that any photo you take will look great.

In this article, we are sharing the 5 hotels with the best pools in Bali, because who doesn’t like an infinity pool over the jungle?

  1. Bisma Eight

Bisma Eight has quickly become one of our favourite hotels of all times. This small boutique hotel located in a quiet street in central Ubud conquered us with its unique style, wonderful jungle views and perfect service. Bisma Eights felt like home the moment we stepped into our Canopy Suite. A spacious room with a balcony, opening over a jungly walkway, which perfectly gives the sense of place. The interior design resembled our dream house. Light wood with accents of colours, modern yet 70s style looking, international yet Balinese.

The hotels have several spaces to be discovered. On the ground floor, you will find a coffee shop and library, where to taste some great local coffee while losing track of time between the pages of your book. Perfect for when Bali storms hit.

On the rooftop, there are a cocktail bar and a restaurant, Copper, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast at Copper was truly outstanding, each dish worth a Pinterest pin while also tasting delicious. Finally, Bisma Eight pool is surely worth the stay. A beautiful infinity pool overlooking the thick Ubud jungle, set at the back of the hotel amidst quiet and privacy. The poolside cafe is the perfect place where to order lunch or a cocktail during happy hour.

+ We loved Bisma Eight design. Unique, stylish, comfortable and different for your standard Ubud hotel. The service, location and breakfast were also absolutely top notch.

Book your stay at Bisma Eight here.

5 hotels with the best pools in Bali
5 hotels with the best pools in Bali

  1. Monduk Moding Plantation

Located in the northern region of Bali called Monduk, famous for its wilderness, stunning views, refreshing hikes and plenty of waterfalls.

Monduk Moding Plantation is set within a coffee plantation, preached at the top of a mountain. Here you can expect a colder and drier climate compared to the coastal part of Bali.

The hotel gets is fame thanks to its stunning infinity pool with unforgettable views over the forest, all the way to the ocean. We recommend waking up for sunrise at least one morning of your stay and hopping over to the pool to see the soft sun tinting the sky and the pool of wonderful pastel tones.

The rooms are comfortable, stand-alone villas, with spacious bedroom and bathroom. The hotel organises plenty of activities for guests, including visits to the coffee plantation, bicycle rides and waterfall hikes and more.

Given the quiet secluded location, you will most likely eat at the restaurant, which offers both a la carte Indonesian menu and few set testing menus.

+ What we loved about Monduk Moding Plantation was the infinity pool and the fact that they are attentive to sustainability by offering eco amenities in the room and no plastic water bottles, only glass ones.

- On the negative side, this part of the island is subject to heavy rains and fog in the afternoon, so you might only have the morning to enjoy being outside.

Book your stay at Monduk Monding Plantation here.

5 hotels with the best pools in Bali
  1. Adywana Dara Ayu

Adywana Dara Ayu is a villa set amidst the incredibly lush jungle, just above Ubud. This beautiful decorated with Indonesian traditional elements is composed by the main area with a common pool which overlooks the jungle and the restaurant, while the guest sleep in stand-alone duplex or small villas, with or without personal pools. In the duplex accommodation where we stayed, we had the bedroom and outside the bathroom on one floor and the living room and small kitchen on the lower floor, opening on our pool.

Being the villa located in a very secluded area, with only nature around it, offers unspoiled views of the Balinese jungle and a unique sense of quiet.

+ What we loved about Adywana Dara Ayu was its untouched surrounding and the feeling of being completely immersed in nature. Additionally, since they have very few rooms, the service they can provide is top notch. The whole staff was kind and very attentive.

- On the negative side, unfortunately, the windows and doors of the villa are not insulated, which means that insects easily enter in the room and the bathroom. Moreover, the restaurant has quite a limited menu.

Book your stay at Adywana Dara Ayu here.

5 hotels with the best pools in Bali
5 hotels with the best pools in Bali
5 hotels with the best pools in Bali
  1. Karma Kandara

Bali diversity of landscapes, beaches and views is truly astounding. In the south of the island, the typical black beaches of Canggu, give space to white sand shores and transparent turquoise waters. Some of the most beautiful landscapes we have ever seen reside in the south of the island and this is where the incredible Karma Kandara resort is located.

Perched on top of a cliff with a stunning view of the clear blue ocean, Karma Kandara villas are nestled within the tropical jungle. The villas are spacious, with a private pool and kitchen.

The common areas of the resort, which include a spa, a pool and a restaurant overlooking the ocean are incredibly scenic.

Karma Kandara boasts a private beach and beach club, which are reachable through a pretty strenuous flight of stairs or more conveniently through their own private cable car. You can board the cable car by the restaurant and with a quick and scenic ride reach the beautiful white sand beach. On the beach, you will find private sun beds available for all guest, a restaurant perfect open all day and a bar, where to order cocktails and enjoy sundowners.

+ Karma Kandara private beach is one of a kind. A beautiful, unspoiled location with access to the most incredible ocean you can experience in Bali.

- The resort is tucked away and it is pretty disconnected to the nearest town. It is a perk if you are looking for a very private holiday, spending most of your time at the resort, but might get slightly annoying if you want to eat in Uluwatu as it takes roughly half an hour to get there.

Book your stay at Karma Kandara here.

5 hotels with the best pools in Bali
  1. The Edge Bali

The name says it all! The Edge is one of kind resort, with some spectacular views over the Indian Ocean, perched on the edge of a 530ft limestone sea cliff in Uluwatu. Their famous infinity pool gives you a unique and privileged view over the ocean, with the feeling of swimming suspended over it.

The villas are incredibly spacious (the smallest one offers a 220m² interior and 950m² garden), with a state of the art entertainment system, private butler, jacuzzi and all the amenities you can image. We are talking about proper luxury here!

The Edge also offers an ample choice of dining and bar locations. You can choose to dine in your own villa or enjoy the views at Oneeighty restaurant open during the day. In the evening dinner is served at Seas and very soon a new, one of a kind dining experience will be offered inside a cave discovered within the resort.

Book your stay at The Edge Bali here.

5 hotels with the best pools in Bali

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