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3 Day Salar de Uyuni Tour - Everything you need to know

Organizing a 3 day tour of the Salar de Uyuni might look complicated, but don't you worry! We have put together all the information you need to have to create your own perfect plan.

Choosing your tour operator

Make sure to choose your tour operator properly, as there have been many accidents in the Salar. The biggest problem is related to agencies using not certified drivers, who end up drinking at the hostels and driving around drunk or hangover.

We strongly recommend our agency, World White Travel, as it’s one of the few that only provides certified drivers. Ask for Kasimiro, he was a real legend.

3 Day Salar de Uyuni

What to bring

The Salar is generally very cold, despite the month you visit. Even if during the day the sun might be warm, expect to be really cold at night and in the accomodations.

We recommend you bring a warm jacket that can also protect you from the wind. A hat, sunglasses and sunblock, as the sun does not joke when it reflects on the white salt.

For the tour, you will also need to bring the following items for yourself (on top of what you might already have in your backpack/luggage): water for 3 days, snacks, toilet paper (super important as it’s not available at the accommodations), towels.

Finally, check with you agency if you need to bring a sleeping bag for the second night or if they will provide it.

3 Day Salar de Uyuni Tour

What to expect regarding the accommodations

Both nights are spent in very basic accommodations. The Salt Hotel is generally crowded and the bathrooms get slightly out of hands, so clean showers might not be exactly a possibility. The second night ‘refuge’ is extra basic. We decided to pay 20 pesos and brave the hot shower, but most people actually avoid to shower all together, as in all honesty between the cold and the shower conditions, it is quite challenging.

What to expect regarding food

The food varies. We’ve been very lucky as Kasimiro dished out some outstanding meals and we had no issue with food whatsoever, actually we enjoyed it thoroughly.

If you are vegetarian or vegan make sure to inform your agency in advance as your guide will need to cater for you.

3 Day Salar de Uyuni Tour

If you any other question, literally anything that is going on in your mind, please just reach out. We will be more than happy to help you out in planning this tour!

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