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Oslo City Break In 3 Days

A quick guide to help you plan what to do in Olso, where to stay and find the best restaurants for a perfect 3-day city break.

Lunar landscapes, unforgettable sunrises and the finest modern art make Oslo an unforgettable location. Often used as a gateway for cruises around the fjords, which will take you to landscapes like nothing else you’ve ever seen, this city definitely worth exploring. We have put together all the tips to craft your perfect 3 day city break  in Oslo!

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Where to sleep in Oslo

Splash out at The Thief 

If you are an art lover (or art thief) this is the place for you. At The Thief artworks from Warhol, Anthony Gormley and Opie hang off the walls for your enjoyment. You also have beautiful rooms with brooding black and gold interior design overlooking the water. Not to mention the spa and an excellent restaurant.


Take it easy at Scandic Vulkan

Mismatched chairs, colours pop, and graphic murals give this hotel a fun and viby look. Located in a central neighborhood and close to lots of restaurants and bars, perfect to be able to walk around the city and enjoy living like a local.

Oslo City Break In 3 days
Oslo City Break In 3 days

Majestic ships parked in the frozen Oslo harbour

Oslo City Break In 3 days sunrise
Oslo City Break In 3 days sunrise

Sunrise by the Olso harbour

Oslo City Break In 3 days Christams
Oslo City Break In 3 days Christams

Christmas decoration by the water

Oslo City Break In 3 days
Oslo City Break In 3 days

JP in Oslo

Oslo City Break In 3 days
Oslo City Break In 3 days

Anastasia in Oslo

Oslo City Break In 3 days decoration
Oslo City Break In 3 days decoration

Christmas decorations by the harbour in Oslo

Where to eat in Oslo

Lunch at Gradi

A funky little spot just off the touristy area, Gradi is your perfect place to eat local fine-dining food at affordable prices. They are also open for brunch, and make a great Mimosa...just saying!


Dinner at Kolonihagen

All about local produce, fresh ingredients and sustainability.  Kolonihagen is your perfect Norwegian restaurant, the atmosphere is cozy and you can experience the best of Norwegian cuisine with a seven-course taster menu.

Best place for a drink or two

Beer by the fire at Schouskjelleren Mikrobryggeri

The good thing about the cold is that you know that there is a fireplace somewhere. Looking for a beer, we found a micro-brewery called Schouskjelleren Mikrobryggeri, built into what used to be an old brick cellar, which now serves ten of their own beers all brewed on site to the maximum standard. To our delight, at the back end of the spacious room filled with wooden tables and comfortable benches, shined a warm fire, glowing in a beautiful white fireplace. We spent a lovely evening sipping delicious beer and warming our feet sitting on wooden tools right next to the fire.

Oslo City Break In 3 days bar


  1. Enjoy some of the finest modern art at the outstanding Astrup Fearnley Museet.  Worth a visit just to look at the three beautiful buildings designed by architect Renzo Piano, located at the outermost point where the city stretches into the fjords. The museum collects modern art pieces from major international artists including; Damien Hirst, Paul Chan, Franks Benson, Jeff Koons and Cindy Sherman to name just a few.

  2. Get lost in the lunar landscapes of the fjords surrounding the city. The stunning landscape is made of small islands filled with pine trees and dotted with small wooden summer houses all either blue, ochre or red.  Cruises start from the Oslo main harbor.

  3. Catch sight of the small white house called Dyna Fyr in the middle of the fjord. Used as lighthouse that can also be rented for events and parties, built on top of a rock about two hundred meters off the coast of Bygdøy. The house reflecting on the water reveals a Dali-esque painting.

  4. Chase waterfalls in the city. The waterfall at Mølla is created by a stretch of the river Akerselva which falls from the rocks in a lovely green area. It is reachable with a twenty-minute walk from Oslo center and is a lovely spot to take some beautiful pictures and enjoy urban nature at its best.

Top 5 things to do in 3 days