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Travel_Leap aims to inspire travellers through travel-guide style journalism and photography from our adventures around the world.


Having experienced some polluted places throughout our travels we aim to promote a more sustainable way of experiencing our planet while being true to the destination.


We are Anastasia and JP, an Italian and South African who met in Durban, South Africa in 2012 when destiny brought us to live in the same place at the bottom of the world. Travel_Leap also represents our own personal ‘leap’. In December 2017 after 10 years of 9 to 5 work-life, we decided to take this damn leap for ourselves. We quit our jobs, sold all our things, squeezed our lives into two backpacks and bought a ticket to Chile.

So far we have travelled across Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Galapagos and Sri Lanka. Our adventure now continues in Asia. 


Our mission is to make everyone fall in love with the world and be inspired to travel with an open heart and sustainable soul. 


A traveler by heart and a marketer by trade. I studied and worked in marketing for 10 years, across various global brands and for some of the biggest companies all over the world, from Italy to the US, South Africa, United Kingdom and France. My restless adventurer soul made me trade a sedentary life for one on the road, with the hopes to take my craft and ideas everywhere I go with @Travel_Leap.



I have worked in the creative industry in a design/art director role for around eight years in three different locations; Durban - SA, London - UK and Paris - FR. Having worked in both permanent and freelance positions, I feel naturally drawn the latter as it allows the adventurous side of my spirit to move freely.

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