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3 days in Santiago: The quick guide 

The perfect itinerary to make the most of your 3 days in Santiago. Where to sleep, where to eat and what to do in the capital of Chile.

You won’t fall in love with Santiago at first sight, but rather by means of exploration. The first impression of any city can be disguised, and when we landed in Santiago we initially only saw a concrete jungle. It took us one day only though to uncover the true, colourful side of the city: vibrant with young energy, historic yet modern and with unexpected nooks of street style everywhere.

The home of Pablo Neruda and many other great thinkers!

Where to sleep
in Santiago

Splash out at Altiplanico Bellas Artes

Situated in the heart of the Bellas Artes neighborhood and walking distance to the National Fine Arts Museum. This hotel has a perfect location and all the comforts.


Take it easy at Airbnb/Hotel GEN

An Airbnb that comes with a rooftop pool with an epic view of the city and even a gym. Enough said! A double bedroom with a tiny kitchen and a balcony, perfect also if you want to eat in every once in a while.

Where to eat in Santiago

Lunch at Mercado Central

If you are a fish lover this will be your heaven. Fresh fish served in Chilean style between the fishmonger's stalls. The choice is really wide both in terms of restaurants and dishes, and the prices are very friendly too.


Dinner at Galindo

For a full Chilean culinary experience head to Galindo in the super viby Bella Vista barrio. Rich portions and taste come with all traditional dishes, even the salads are spectacular.

Top 5 things to do in Santiago

  1. Hike or take the funicular up Cerro San Cristobal for the most incredible view over Santiago. Take the last funicular up before 6.30pm, wait for sunset and walk your way down, we promise it will an experience you will remember!

  2. Soak up all the Latin American vibes in barrio Bella Vista. The most viby neighborhood of Santiago will make your body move at the rhythm of the music pouring down the street from the busy bars, have a cerveza and enjoy the night.

  3. Visit the peaceful Cerro Santa Lucia for a walk in the park and a breath of fresh air. This beautiful park is built on different levels and features a pastel yellow fountain that crowns the entrance.

  4. Eat all sorts of local treats from roadside stalls. Our favorites are empanadas, banana chips, and the most perfectly ripe avocados!

  5. Enjoy an afternoon admiring Chilean modern art at the Museo de Arte Contemporánea (MAC). The impressive building hosts a permanent collection and changing exhibitions all free!