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2 days in Lima: The quick guide 

Despite the fog which covers the city way too often, Lima is a destination not too miss when in Peru.

A bustling city with long green cliffs that fall into the Pacific. A city with waves to be surfed and a city rich in history and entertainment. Famous for its culinary scene, with trendy restaurants, cafes and eateries. While in Lima you will definitely have some of the best meals of your trip.

Where to sleep in Lima

The one and only Atemporal, Hotelito en Lima

Located in the upmarket and chic neighborhood of Miraflores, where everything happens. Atemporal boutique hotel felt like home away from home, an oasis of peace where everything is perfectly designed to make guests feel cozy and comfortable.


Set in a revamped 1940s mansion with a neat garden at the entrance and a lovely stained glass centre window, which gives it the feel of a little castle, Atemporal charmed us with its character. Conceived as the home of a globetrotting photographer (that’s maybe why it felt so much like home to us!), every single detail is full of charm and personality. We would define the style as contemporary with a touch of 70s retro. Leather couches and strong art pieces on the walls, combined with low coffee tables with photography books and a vase with strelitzia giving an accent of colour. The living room opens to a small courtyard, where you can read a book on the sofa under a cosy blanket or have breakfast in the morning.

We spent a lot of time in the tea area, which features a window seat inside the stained glass window, showered with a beautiful soft light. The perfect spot to relax and wait for the five o’clock homemade cookies to come out of the oven. The bedrooms are a mix of comfort and style, with an in-room sink and the most comfortable bed we ever tried in our lives (we promise is not an overstatement!).


Atemporal also offers a very private lunch or dinner experience, with a few tables set in the living room and terrace. The menu is a mix of Peruvian staples and Mediterranean dishes, prepared in a modern key.

The ultimate exclusive experience is given by the Maître de Maison, a concierge on duty around the clock, house car and chauffeur for short excursions. We were taken care of so well at Atemporal that leaving was quite an emotional experience.

Where to eat in Lima

Lunch at El Pan de La Chola

We had some good bread in our lives, but honestly, the bread at El Pan de La Chola beats them all! Set in the heart of Miraflores, this coffee shop and bakery wins the prize for the coolest spot in town and a destination not to miss. It’s stylish interior design (classy warehouse vibes), stainless steel, wood and bags of flour stacked on the corner, will transport you to London’s Shoreditch district. The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming, creating the perfect place to have lunch, a coffee or do some work.

What stands out is the craftsmanship behind each of the dishes that are offered. The attention to detail and the research for the best and most delicious combination. The bread is prepared daily in the open kitchen at the back of the cafe so that the air is always filled with a mouthwatering smell. A must try is the Palteado sandwich. Finest avocados and perfectly prepared hummus on a hard crust, perfectly golden focaccia.


Dinner at Malabar

This elegant restaurant welcomes you with a 1950’s NYC style bar where you can have an introductory pisco, before moving to the simply finished, sophisticated dining room.

The menu offers typical Peruvian dishes also presented in a modern key, prepared with ingredients coming mainly from their organic farm. The chic atmosphere makes it the perfect restaurant for a romantic dinner or celebration.

A green coast that falls into the atlantic.

Where to have a drink in Lima

Bitter - Cocktail Bar

To enter into the only speakeasy in Lima you need a password, which changes every week, but if like us you are foreign and smile nicely to the lovely lady at the entrance, she will let you in any way. It will feel like you are entering someone’s house, but once you walk up the stairs you will find yourself in a dimly lit bar with black walls and a cosy atmosphere. We only gave a couple of clues to the barman regarding our taste preferences and he came back with some of the best cocktails we have ever tasted!

Top 3 things to do in Lima

  1. Visit the artsy Barranco neighborhood to spend few hours inside MATE, Mario Testino’s photography museum. If you are a photography lover (and even if you aren’t), MATE is a mandatory stop when in Lima. The genius of Mario Testino covers the walls of this small museum, showcasing some of his best work, in his native city.

  2. Spend the afternoon walking around Lima Plaza des Armas and the surroundings which are Unesco World Heritage sites. Its use in history went from a marketplace to the Spanish Inquisition centre. Now you can admire the beauty of the colonial architecture across the different churches and buildings, many still with the typical wooden balconies. You can get a taxi to the square or take Bus C from Miraflores.

  3. If you are looking for some adrenaline, paragliding down the Costa Verde will definitely do the trick! La Costa Verde is a cliff that overlooks the ocean from where you can experience the thrill of paragliding along the city and over the water. A recommended school is Aeroxtreme - flights are around 70 euros per person.